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Relief that works as hard as Moms do.

Cocozy™ CloudSoft Adjustable Maternity Pillow provides cushy, luxurious support for you and baby.   

Cooling, silky bamboo cover

Clean, ultra-plush memory foam

Adjustable fill support to you and your baby

OBGYN recommended & ergonomically sound

All-in-one comfort your body needs to relax

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"The best investment I have made for my pregnancy."

There's no doubt about it: Growing a baby is one of the most physically taxing things you can do.

You're nourishing two people and also expending energy for two people. Sure, there's that pregnancy glow we all love, but there are also those aches and pains you just can't seem to escape.

Give your body the proper support and rest it deserves by cuddling up to a Cocozy CloudSoft Maternity Pillow.

"I no longer have any back pain due to pregnancy."

A silky soft cover that's cooling on your sensitive pregnancy skin? Check.

Thick, plush premium memory foam fill you can hug all night? Check.

Cocozy marries luxurious details with the support your hardworking body needs, resulting in rest and relief for you and baby.

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What Our Customers Say

After buying this product I no longer have any back pain due to pregnancy. This isn't your ordinary pregnancy pillow this is on a different level.


Verified Buyer

Gave this to my fiancé and first night her deep sleep and less movement sold us right away.  I even sneak and use it when she leaves for work.

Michael S.

Verified Buyer

After weeks of insomnia this was a godsend. The pillow is firm enough to keep you supported and yet soft enough to be extremely comfortable.

Grace H.

Verified Buyer

Why Cocozy?

We're here to create luxurious, highly functional products that support, elevate and nurture the maternity experience for all mothers. 

COCOZY vs. Other Pregnancy Pillows

Adjustable filling provides all over relief

Filling you can't adjust that flattens over time

Cooling, breathable luxury bamboo cover

Cheap poly-cover that overheats 

Premium CertiPur-US certified memory foam

Primarily cheap poly fill without responsive support

Partner & cuddle friendly

No removable arm to make space on bed

✨30 Night Risk Free Sleep Trial✨

Average return policies with conditions

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The #1 Luxury Maternity Pillow

See why thousands of Moms trust Cocozy.

Amazing, sleeping with this pillow forever.

"This is the most comfortable & supportive pillow! I have been sleeping with it since I unboxed it (and I’m only 6 weeks pregnant) ha! So let me tell you, whether pregnant or not, you will find this heavenly. My husband steals part of it for between his knees too! I borrowed my sisters maternity pillow my last pregnancy, and this one is incredibly better. Worth the extra money for something that won’t flatten over time."  

- Hannah M.


"This pillow has been a life saver! I was having such a hard time sleeping. My favorite part is that one side can be unzipped, which means it is a bit floppier… sooo totally ideal when I have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to use the bathroom! Much easier to move out of the way! Great design. Very clear pregnant ladies were very involved in the design of this!"

- M.L.

Just what I needed

"This pillow has been wonderful. It’s soft, comfortable, and versatile. My husband thinks it’s very comfortable too. There wasn’t much that helped my discomfort at night, but this pillow has allowed me to sleep for longer periods of time with less tossing and turning."

- Lynsey M.

Sleep with Cocozy - Risk Free

We are obsessed with customer satisfaction and stand behind the quality of Cocozy. That's why your Cocozy comes with a 30-night sleep trial.

If for some reason you don't love your Cocozy, we'll happily provide you with a full refund within 30 days of purchase. That's how confident we are that you'll love Cocozy.

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Try Cocozy today so you can ...

Feel the heavenly support for your back, hip and knee.

Growing your baby without any aches and pains.

Sleep on luxurious pillow cover that keep you cool all night long.

Stop tossing and turning that destroy your sleep quality.

Enjoy the dreamiest pregnancy sleep that you deserve.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
C. (West Lafayette, US)
Sampled a many brands, Cocozy takes first prize!

I ordered 8 varieties of pregnancy pillows with top reviews from Amazon + Cocozy , not knowing what I would like or need as a FTM. There was no contest that this was the most comfortable, cutest, and highest quality full body pillow! It supports all the right places without feeling like there is too much filling. The internal components of cube foam seem like they are going to hold up much better than most of the other options I tried and the cooling fabric really improved my quality of sleep! This is a purchase you won’t regret!

Katherine willis (Brattleboro, US)
Life changing

I literally have never slept better in my life. Best thing I've bought since becoming pregnant, hands down.

N.F. (Santa Ana, US)

This is the comfiest pillow ever! My back feels fully supported with my pregnant belly. I might even continue using this after pregnancy!

B.O. (Chicago, US)

I had purchased this pillow without knowing my fiancé had already gotten me one. They were so courteous of my situation and offered a refund no problem!

Amy Huang (Corona, US)
Environmental Conscious Company

Great customer service and conscious about the world we live in. We will definitely let friends and family know about them.


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